Off-Campus Scholarships

Start your scholarship search early in your high school career. Search within your high school and community for additional scholarships. Check into opportunities with your high school guidance office, places of employment, civic or religious organizations and businesses in the community. While your hometown may be the best place to start, don't forget about other off-campus opportunities. Remember that all scholarship searches/applications should be free of charge!

Reporting Off-Campus Scholarships

We are required by federal regulations to include all financial aid on your financial aid offer. If you receive scholarships from sources outside of UNI (known as "off-campus" scholarships), you must report these to our office so we can add them to your offer. You can report additional financial aid on your MyUNIverse account:

  • Log in to MyUNIverse
  • Go to your Student Center
  • Scroll down to the Finances section
  • Click on "Report Other Financial Aid"

Step-by-step instructions for reporting scholarships

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Off-Campus Donors (hometown)

When sending checks for students attending UNI, please print and complete the UNI Scholarship Donor Form. Enclose the form with the check(s) and send to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. If you would like the check to credit for the fall semester, our office should receive the check by July 31. If the credit is to occur during spring term, our office should receive the check by December 15.