UNI Scholarship Application

The UNI Scholarship Application makes it easy to apply for UNI scholarships every year. This streamlined application allows students to apply for hundreds of scholarships within one online application. The application is open every year starting July 1 and has a priority date of February 15. 

This application is not required for automatic scholarships awarded at the time of admission, but allows students to apply for additional scholarships on top of the automatic admissions-based scholarships.

About the UNI Scholarship Application

  • The UNI Scholarship Application allows both current and incoming students to apply for scholarships available in specific majors and other University departments. Incoming students must apply to UNI before they are eligible to apply for scholarships. Many additional scholarships are awarded at the time of admission. 
  • Students can still complete the application after the February 15 priority deadline. The application ultimately closes March 1 every year. Consideration of late applications will be done in the event that scholarships are still available. 
  • Scholarship selection is competitive; not all applicants will receive a scholarship. 
  • Scholarships typically require full-time enrollment and maintaining specific grade point requirements. Talk with your Department for more details.
  • Students who have been awarded scholarship(s) will be informed by the respective department or college granting the scholarship. Notices are typically given by March.