Hello, future freshmen.

It’s not a fluke that unique starts with UNI.

We believe in your unique potential because we believe there’s really no one like you. UNI gives you the freedom to define who you want to become and discover where you want to go. We explore all the possible ways to help you get there in four years. And it starts day one at UNI.

Let’s get the first question out of the way. Am I a freshman? If you’re in high school or you’ve graduated but never attended college (even if you earned college credits while in high school), you’re a freshman. What does it mean to be a freshman? It means you’re on your way to awesome things. Plus, it’s a cool (16th century) term that means “newcomer.” Here’s hoping you’ll be one at UNI.

2 Ways to Apply

Apply with your self-reported ACT or SAT test scores

‌RAI Score Requirements

‌Apply as test-optional (with no test scores)

  •  Admission is based on a committee review of your high school GPA and core class selections.

‌Test-Optional Review 

Minimum High School Coursework Requirements

No matter which way you decide to apply, students who wish to enter UNI directly from high school must also meet these minimum high school course requirements for admission. 


3 Easy Steps to Applying for Admission 


Submit your application.

You will need to create a university account, known as a CatID, or login using your existing one to get started. Be sure to keep track of your CatID and password which allows you to track the status of your application. 


Share your unofficial transcript.

You can choose to upload your unofficial transcript directly within the application or by emailing it to us at admissions@uni.edu

Note: You will need to request your official transcript be sent to us from your high school prior to your enrollment at the university. 


‌Pay $40 application fee.

An application fee waiver is available for qualified/eligible students.