We're here to help you understand the various policies and procedures impacting financial aid eligibility. Review these pages to learn how academics can impact continued aid eligibility, what happens with your financial aid when you drop classes, how financial aid works when you're attending more than one institution, and financial aid available for summer classes.

Summer Financial Aid

Are you taking summer classes? You may be eligible for financial aid! Summer financial aid works a bit different from fall and spring financial aid, so review our summer aid website to learn more.

Consortium Agreements

If you are taking classes at another school while you are a UNI student, you may want to complete a consortium agreement to ensure you are still eligible for your financial aid. The consortium agreement will allow you to count the credit hours taken at another school toward your enrollment status at UNI to make sure you don't lose out on financial aid. You don't always need to complete a consortium agreement if you are taking classes elsewhere and there are some rules and requirements. Review our consortium agreement page to learn more!

SAP and Withdrawing

Did you know that your grades and dropping classes can impact your financial aid eligibility? Completely withdrawing from your classes for a semester may impact the financial aid you received that semester. Review our page on withdrawing to learn more. There are also certain academic requirements you must meet in order to continue to be eligible for financial aid. Learn more about Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements and what to do if you don't meet these requirements.