Transfer Admission Requirements

Transfer students applying to the University of Northern Iowa are evaluated primarily on their cumulative grade point average (GPA) from their previous institution(s).

The minimum cumulative GPA required for admission to UNI varies with the number of credits acceptable for transfer. Transfer students must have (or exceed) the following combination of GPA and total graded semester hours.

Transferable Credit Hours Grade Point Needed
1-23 2.25 *
24-59 2.25
60+ 2.00

*Applicants transferring fewer than 24 transferable semester hours must also meet the admission requirements for students entering directly from high school. For transfer students with more than 24 transferable semester hours, high school performance is not considered for admission – only transfer GPA.

Students who have completed Level II of a foreign language (with a C- or better in the final semester) will have satisfied UNI’s foreign language requirement. This can be satisfied in high school or from a previous institution. If not, the student will be required to satisfy it at UNI.

Some majors have additional entrance requirements – which may include higher GPA standards than outlined by overall admission policies. Therefore, it is possible for students to be eligible for admission to the University, but not meet entrance requirements for their anticipated major.

Transfer applicants will generally not be admitted if they do not meet the combination of the grade point average and total semester hours outlined above – or if they are on academic suspension at the last school attended.

Transfer applicants under disciplinary suspension will not be considered for admission until information concerning the reason for the suspension has been received from the assigning college.