Transfer Tools for you

Transfer Plans of Study

A list of recommended courses to take, based on your major and current community college.

Transfer Course Equivalency Lists (prior to Fall 2022)

For students who have transferred prior to Fall 2022, the Transfer Course Equivalency Lists* will show you how your courses transferred into UNI using UNI’s former Liberal Arts Core (LAC).  You can also get a glimpse using UNI’s Transfer Plan-It.

Transfer Course Equivalency Lists (Fall 2022 and after)

For students who will transfer in Fall 2022 and after, you can see how your coursework* transfers into UNI using UNI’s new general education plan (UNIFI - University of Northern Iowa Foundational Inquiry).

*Please note that these lists do not include all colleges outside of the state of Iowa. If you do not see your college or course listed, please contact the Office of Admissions, as all courses have not been previously evaluated. 

Other Important Information

Reverse Transfer

Reverse Credit Transfer is a partnership between Iowa's public universities and Iowa's community colleges to facilitate the transfer of university credits back to one of Iowa's community colleges for the purpose of completing a degree, diploma or certificate. 

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Transfer Connection Program

Transfer Connection assists students with a seamless transition from their community college to UNI by providing advising and resources from both the community college and UNI.

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