Hello, transfer students.

Finish your degree at UNI!

At UNI, we do two things to make your life easier and make sure you can finish your degree quickly. First, we work to make transferring your credits easy. And second, no matter how much college you’ve already attended, we work with you to graduate from UNI as fast as possible. 

Let’s get the first question out of the way. Am I a transfer student? If you’ve attended another college or university or enrolled in college level courses since graduating from high school, you are a transfer student. We love our transfer students. In fact, more than a third of new students are transfers, so you’re in good company alongside other students making a change! 

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Admission Requirements


Transfer students applying to the University of Northern Iowa are evaluated primarily on their cumulative grade point average (GPA) from their previous institution(s). The minimum cumulative GPA required for admission to UNI varies with the number of credits acceptable for transfer. Transfer students must have (or exceed) the following combination of GPA and total graded semester hours.

Transferable Credit HoursGrade Point Average*
1-242.25 + High School Requirements*


*Applicants transferring with 24 or fewer transferrable credits must also meet the admissions requirements for students entering directly from high school. 

Some majors have additional requirements to get into upper-level courses – EducationBusinessMusicCommunication Disorders and Social Work are a few. 

Additionally, if you are majoring in Nursing, Music, Art & Design, Interior Design or Computer Science, it is best to transfer to UNI after one year of coursework. Please contact transfer@uni.edu for additional information. 

3 Easy Steps to Applying for Admission 


Complete your application.

You will need to create a university account, known as a CatID, or login using your existing one to get started. Be sure to keep track of your CatID and password which allows you to track the status of your application. 


Share your unofficial transcripts.

You can choose to upload your unofficial transcript directly within the application or by emailing it to us at transfer@uni.edu

Note: You will need to request your official versions be sent to us from your institution(s) before you begin classes. 


Pay your $40 application fee.

There is an application fee waiver available for those who qualify.


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