Community Service Learning (CSL) is a partnership between UNI and community nonprofit organizations. Qualified students work at off-campus positions while earning Federal Work-Study funds. Student employees receive pay through UNI. Students who originally do not have Federal Work-Study on their award, may still qualify for Community Service Learning.

Nonprofit organizations are responsible for 25% of the earnings. A normal Federal Work-Study award is $2,000. The maximum amount an agency would be responsible for is $500.

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How CSL Works

  • Off-campus agencies can advertise for positions through UNI Career Services: How to Post a Job (PDF).
  • The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships can determine which students qualify for Federal Work-Study: CSL Request (Word document).
  • The agency interviews and selects student(s) for the position.
  • The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships awards Federal Work-Study to eligible student employees.
  • The student employee meets with Financial Aid Office staff for set up in UNI payroll.

Students currently working for an organization may also qualify. Contact our office to determine if a student qualifies.

Receiving Federal Work-Study Payments

Your way of receiving pay will differ from the way of receiving other aid such as grants and loans which credit to the U-bill.  To receive pay for work study you will record the hours worked and submit time cards on the Oracle E-business site.  A link is available through MyUNIverse.  Your payment will be directly deposited to your personal bank account.

Students can access their Work-Study Monitoring Report to track their work-study earnings at any time on the Oracle e-business suite where you complete and submit timecards.


Information for Agencies

Nonprofit Employer Responsibilities

  • Pay 25% of students’ federal work-study earning and 100% of any earnings over students’ work-study earning paid by UNI.

  • Sign into Oracle E-Business suite every Monday to review submitted timecards.

  • Communicate with Work-Study Coordinator on employee terminations in a timely manner.