Loan Repayment

Now that it's almost time to start paying back your student loans, it's important to understand details like when your payment is due, how you can make a payment, and how your loan servicer can help you have the best student loan experience possible.  ​

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Direct Loan Exit Counseling

Have you borrowed federal loans? Are you graduating or dropping below half-time enrollment? 

If so, you must complete Exit Counseling on the Federal Student Aid website. Exit counseling will help you understand your federal student loan obligations and ensure you are prepared for repayment. 

Federal Perkins Loan

If you borrowed a Perkins Loan at UNI, you will need to complete Perkins Loan Exit Counseling. Perkins Loans received while attending UNI are serviced by University Accounting Service (UAS). You will need to create your UAS account to set up repayment for your Perkins Loan. All UAS communications will be sent via email, so make sure to provide a current email address.

For general questions about the Perkins Exit Process, please contact the Office of Business Operations at 319-273-2164.

For UAS website questions, please contact 844-870-8701.

If you received a Perkins Loan while attending another institution, please contact that institution regarding Perkins Loan repayment.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Help Tool

The Department of Education (ED) has released a new online loan forgiveness help tool to help borrowers assess their eligibility for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. The tool  will help inform borrowers of any necessary or suggested actions to take in order to qualify, help them self-assess their eligibility using employment information, and help them decide which form to submit—an Employment Certification Form (ECF) or an application for loan forgiveness. The tool will not, however, assist borrowers in submitting either form. It will instead populate a fully-completed PDF that borrowers can save and have signed to submit on their own later on. 

Your Guide to Student Loan Repayment Plans