International Students

Welcome to UNI!

Coming from a different country to study can be very exciting, but also can be overwhelming at times. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships understands this and has created this page to help you in your adjustment to the UNI campus. The information on this page deals with the financial aspect of attending UNI. Please look over the information and feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have about financial aid. Again, welcome to UNI!

Types of Financial Aid


The University of Northern Iowa offers more than 1000 scholarships each year to outstanding students. All of these scholarships can be viewed on the Online Scholarship Directory. To view International Admissions Based Scholarships, please review the Office of International Admissions website.


International students do not qualify for Federal Direct Loans. However, private education loan opportunities are available if needed. International students would need a U.S. citizen to co-sign. Click to learn more about private education loans.

Student Employment

There are many job opportunities on the UNI campus for students with student (F) visas or exchange (J) visas to work. The average pay is approximately $7.50 per hour. F and J visa holders are not to work off campus as a means of support except under extraordinary circumstances. View the Online Job Board to see the opportunities to work on-campus. To learn more about general employment opportunities, please review the Career Services website.