Tallcorn Jazz Festival

The 2023 Tallcorn Jazz Festival will take place on February 16 and 17 with Sinfonian Dimensions in Jazz Concerts on both nights.

We're proud to offer an outstanding educational experience for your jazz ensemble(s), complete with a great performance space and quality backline gear (provided), written and verbal feedback from professional jazz musicians and teachers, a 25-minute clinic from a top-notch educator, and a chance to hear from our SDIJ guest artist. 

STUDENTS: Please fill out the following form to receive a complimentary t-shirt the day of the festival.

Tallcorn Jazz T-Shirt Form

Tallcorn Jazz Festival

The t-shirt request deadline for 2023 has passed. We will have a small number of extra t-shirts available on the day of the event. Please stop by the registration table if you are interested and missed the deadline.