Acceptance Fee + Refund Policy

What's the fee cover?

Your $320 acceptance fee is applied to the following: 

  • $250 is applied toward the New Student Programs/Matriculation fee (Orientation and Panther Welcome programs)
  • $70 is an advance payment on your university bill

If you contract for university dorms, your $70 advance payment will be used to pay your non-refundable $50 housing application fee and a $20 housing prepayment. If you do not contract for university housing, your $70 advance payment will be used as a prepayment on your tuition and fees.

Below we outline our fee policy if you were to cancel or delay your offer of admission. 

Cancellation Refund Policy



  • The $320 acceptance fee is specific to the term for which you accept your offer of admission. If you change your term of entry to a new academic year, you will be assessed this fee again. This fee is not transferrable.



  • If you cancel your admission, your $320 acceptance fee may be partially refundable, depending upon the date by which the Office of Admissions receives your notice of cancellation. Cancellations must be received in writing or through the online cancellation form.
  • If admission is offered after the deadline for cancellation, the acceptance fee is non-refundable. If you choose to cancel housing but still plan to attend UNI, the remaining $20 will stay on your account as an advance payment. 


Deadlines for Cancellation

EntryDeadline Date
Fall SemesterJune 3* 
Deadline is historically May 1 but was extended for Fall 2024 entry due to FAFSA delays. 
Summer SemesterMay 1
Spring SemesterNovember 1



  • Students who complete a housing contract and cancel before the deadline date: $260 will be refunded.*
  • Students who do not complete a housing contract and cancel before the deadline date: $310 will be refunded.*
  • Any refunded amount will be sent in the form of a paper check, via postal mail to the student's name and mailing address. Refunds typically take 7-14 business days.

    *No refunds are available after the cancellation deadline.