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Self-Reported Academic Information

Do not estimate. Be sure to report your cumulative GPA on a 4-point scale. If your school provides more than one GPA (e.g. weighted GPA and non-weighted GPA), please use the best GPA. If your GPA is over 4.0 please report 4.0.
High School Core Courses
In the boxes marked pre9 - 12 below, please indicate the core courses you have completed or will complete by the time you graduate from high school. This should include any AP courses that you might be taking or have taken. Do not include college course work.

Note: One semester or coursework in a block scheduling system is typically equal to one academic year.

College Core Courses
The boxes marked College should be used only for those courses for which you are being awarded credit from a college or university (note: this should not include AP courses).

Note: One semester college courses should count as .5 towards the column total.

Use whole numbers and decimals to indicate the amount of credit you will receive (1 for one year, .5 for one semester, .33 for one trimester, .67 for two trimesters). Do not use fractions (e.g. 1/2, 1/3, etc.). Enter 0 if no credit hours. You must enter something in every cell.
English Requirement: Four years including one year of composition; also may include one year of speech, communication or journalism.
Social Studies Requirement: Three years that may include anthropology, economics, geography, government, history, psychology or sociology.
Social Studies  
Science Requirement: Three years that may include general science, chemistry, physics or earth science.
General Science
General Science
Mathematics Requirement: Three years including one year each of algebra, geometry, and advanced algebra. Algebra taken during 8th grade can be listed in the Pre 9 grade column. Algebra I taught over a two year period counts as only 1 credit.
Algebra I
Algebra II
Advanced Math/
World Language: World Language courses are not required for admission. However, a minimum of two years of the same world language in high school with a C- or better in the 2nd level will meet the university graduation requirement.

e.g., Spanish, German, Italian