Admissions Partnership Program (APP)


The Admissions Partnership Program (APP) is a coordinated plan between the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and the Iowa community colleges.

The APP assists students with a seamless transition from their community college to UNI by providing advising and resources from both the community college and UNI. 

To receive the maximum benefit, students should apply for the APP as early in their college career as possible.

All 90 majors are available with the APP.


Benefits to participating in the Admissions Partnership Program (APP):

  • Guaranteed admission to UNI, provided all requirements are met

  • Timely progress toward graduation.

  • Academic advising provided by both the community college and UNI from the point of acceptance into APP.

  • Early orientation and scheduling for the first semester at UNI.

  • Transcripts from the community college are sent to UNI automatically at the end of each semester and a degree audit provided.

  • Guaranteed placement in UNI housing.

  • Access to campus and student resources at UNI. (Some resources require payment of the student activity and services fee.)

  • Receipt of updated college materials and information about campus events and opportunities.


How to apply:

Students interested in Admissions Partnership Program should sign up as early as possible in their college careers, as the APP is most beneficial to students who enroll before completing their first year at the community college.

All interested students should complete an APP application: 

     1. Begin your application to UNI:

     2. Select the following choices when completing your application

          a. Undergraduate

          b. Transfer

          c. "Take part in the Admissions Partnership Program"  


Participating community colleges: