Students Helping Students

Ethnic Student Promoters (ESP)

The student members of Ethnic Student Promoters come from multicultural backgrounds and promote the university through a wide range of recruitment activities such as campus tours, lunch,student panels, and community outreach  to prospective students, parents and other UNI guests and friends. The distinguished students of ESP  provide an inside look at what it means to be a UNI student. The focus of the campus visit is to encourage all students to pursue post-secondary education. 

International Student Promoters (ISP)

This group of highly motivated students helps promote UNI to prospective international students around the world.

Student Admissions Ambassadors (SAA)

SAA members promote the university to prospective students and their parents and to UNI alumni and friends during campus tours, panel discussions and a wide range of special events. Enthusiasm, pride and extensive knowledge of the university are hallmarks of this organization.

Student Telecounseling Admissions Representatives (STAR)

The members of this student recruiting team contacts prospective students by phone and email to talk about various opportunities available at UNI and to help them throughout the admissions process.

The STARs also provide prospective students with a unique view of campus through their weekly twitter feed. Follow us at #StudentsofUNI throughout the year!