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Elementary Education


Lamont, Iowa



Career Goal(s): Plans to be a special education teacher.

What kind of on-campus organizations/activities are you involved in? How does that involvement enrich your overall college experience?

I am involved with intramurals and St. Stephens Student Center. These organizations have let me continue the things I enjoyed in high school in a new way. I was able to make connections with my peers and meet people who shared common interests with me. It has also given me a safe place on campus where I know I am always welcome. 

How has your academic experience been? Tell us about any great classes or professors that inspired or challenged you. Are you happy with your major choice?

I have gotten a lot out of my academic experience. I find myself learning things all the time, even in classes I thought I wouldn’t. My favorite class so far was my writing and research class. It was so fun and I looked forward to going to class every day. My professor was great, we would watch videos and read books that I would have never related back to this class, but she made them relevant. It was interesting and challenging, and I still use the things I learned in that class often. 

What surprised you the most about UNI?

How easy it is to get around campus so quickly. Everything is very centralized and I can get pretty much anywhere I need to go from anywhere on campus within 10 minutes.