The Fall 2022 semester will be starting shortly. Please review the following information on important dates and items to complete to ensure your financial aid pays out on time. 

Important Dates:

  • The Fall U-Bill will be posted on August 2, 2022
  • Financial aid is set to disburse on August 12, 2022
  • The Fall U-Bill is due August 20, 2022

​Things to complete before the fall semester:

Financial Aid Refund Reminders:

  • Sign up for Direct Deposit to ensure you receive any refund you are expecting as quickly as possible.
  • Grant Permissions to allow your financial aid to credit to any expenses on your U-Bill, not just tuition and fees.

Important Policies:

  • Financial aid is paid based on your enrollment at the time your financial aid disburses.
    • Scholarships require full-time enrollment (12+ credits for undergraduates; 9+ credits for graduate students).
    • Grants are prorated based on enrollment (you will receive less if enrolled less than full-time).
    • Loans require at least half-time enrollment (6 credits for undergraduates; 5 credits for graduate students).
  • You must be enrolled in classes before the 10th day of the semester (the census date) in order to receive financial aid for those classes. Classes added after the 10th day of the semester will not increase your financial aid eligibility. 

Helpful Resources: