It’s a gift, extra money without strings attached.

Scholarships and grants are ways to support you with additional money for college. The good news is they’re both considered “gift aid,” which means you don’t have to pay them back, ever. While both scholarships and grants fill in financial gaps, they come from different sources and are awarded for different reasons.

What’s a scholarship?

Scholarships are financial awards you earn for achievement; it’s a moment to be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. For example, merit scholarships recognize academic achievement. Other scholarships acknowledge achievements in athletics, the arts, the sciences, or for having the courage to be the first in your family to go to college. We believe in putting students first, so UNI has significantly increased the number of scholarships awarded to students. What’s more, there are countless outside organizations that give scholarships too. It’s definitely worth checking out!


What’s a grant?

Grants are government-funded, need-based gifts, and that means, to be considered for a grant, your FAFSA must be complete. It is reviewed, and based on your family’s financial status and need, grants may be awarded to help you. Amounts vary based on your need, but no matter what, you never have to pay back grant money.



UNI Grants


UNI Scholarship Application


The UNI Scholarship Application helps simplify the process of applying for hundreds of scholarships within academic departments from all across campus in one online application. Students can begin the application in early July, leading into their senior year. The priority deadline each year is January 15.