Photo of Transfer Student Angel Peterson


Why did you choose to transfer to UNI?

UNI’s education program attracted me to visit campus. During my visit, I felt a sense of community similar to what I experienced at my community college. Admissions was intentional about getting to know me and how they can best serve me. I had a million questions and they took the time to thoroughly answer each one. I was impressed with UNI’s ability to make campus feel like home before I even attended.


What was t​he most memorable thing you remember about the transferring process?

The summer before transferring to UNI, I must have called a hundred times: “What does this mean?” “I thought I took this class already?” “Could you look at this syllabus?” “Which parking pass should I get?” I was full of questions and eager to attend, but I must have been the number one caller that summer. Now I look back and laugh at how frequently I called to ensure I was all set to move to UNI.


What would you tell someone who is thinking about transferring to UNI?

UNI has the comforting feeling of community similar to what is experienced at community college. The professors want to teach, the advisors know you, and the people care about you. 


Elementary Education


Galesburg, Illinois