Career Goal(s): Plans to work as a police officer, and hopes to eventually work for the FBI.


What kind of on-campus organizations/activities are you involved in? How does that involvement enrich your overall college experience? 

I am involved in Black Student Union, EXCEL, Ethnic Student Promoters, and have job at the Center for Multicultural Education. This has helped my college experience because it has allowed me to make amazing friends and push myself to get out my comfort zone. I don’t regret it at all because I am offered many opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten by just staying in my room.


How has your academic experience been? Tell us about any great classes or professors that inspired or challenged you. Are you happy with your major choice? 

My favorite class as a freshman was my Cornerstone class because it was very open, friendly, and was actually the only class that I knew everyone's name in. I also loved my professor Nicole Johnson. She was a great person to talk to both in- and outside of class.


What's your favorite place on campus and why? 

My favorite place on campus is the Redeker Center because it is a great place to study with friends or even alone. Everything you might need is only about five minutes away such as the Piazza, Biscotti’s, a computer lab and also the dorms. 



Public Administration


Des Moines, Iowa