Accept offer now, pay later.

Eager to accept your offer of admission but want to wait on paying your acceptance fee? We have you covered. You can select to "accept your offer of admission with fee deferral", which allows you to defer payment of the line items covered by this fee until your first university bill. See below for details on the required fees and payments, and use the form to accept your offer with deferred payment (this will formally accept your offer; no need to complete any other forms).

  • The $320 acceptance fee or its deferral is specific to the term for which you accept your offer of admission. 
  • $250 of the fee is applied toward the New Student Programs/Matriculation fee. The remaining $70 is an advance payment on your university bill or your $25 housing application fee and $45 housing prepayment. 
  •  Your first bill should show the $250 New Student Programs/Matriculation fee and a $25 housing application fee (if applicable).

Acceptance Fee Deferral