Changes for Fall 2020 Incoming Class

The University of Northern Iowa is committed to making your college experience accessible and affordable, especially during this challenging time. We want to make sure that you remain on track in preparing for your career and life goals, even as you navigate changes in your academic and personal lives. In this spirit, our university community has enacted the following changes for our fall 2020 incoming class.


  • Updates on the fall semester calendar and our return to campus are available at
  • UNI will accept Spring 2020 transfer credit that is taken pass/fail, as well as college courses taken pass/fail through PSEO/dual enrollment, in satisfying degree requirements (general education, major courses, and electives).
  • AP exam scores that you earn this semester in the adapted online format will still apply to UNI curriculum as normal. 
  • If you experience a dip in grades for spring 2020 due to school disruptions, it will not affect your admission decision. 
  • If you are unable to take the ACT due to cancellations, UNI will make admission decisions through holistic review based on your high school GPA and core courses. 
  • If you are dealing with financial hardships or uncertainty, just complete and submit the acceptance fee deferral form and check the "other" section. You will then be able to accept your offer of admission, sign up for orientation, and complete your housing application without paying the acceptance fee up front. 
  • UNI will refund admission acceptance deposits through August 1 rather than May 1, allowing students three additional months to make college decisions.  


We are happy to assist and answer any questions you may have at this time.